Pawsh Pups House-Call Grooming

What is house-call grooming?

House-call grooming is a luxury service that provides pet grooming performed by a professional groomer. I bring my tools and equipment to your house to groom your dog in your home. I bring everything needed to complete a professional-quality groom including a table. Bathing is done in your sink, utility sink or tub depending on the size of your dog. Drying, nail clipping and the haircut can be done in your bathroom, laundry or utility room. This service is ideal for small dogs, dogs that are anxious to leave the house, or if you just don't like the idea of leaving them at the groom shop for hours!

Servicing: Boise, Meridian, Kuna, Eagle. Star, Nampa and Caldwell 

Call or Text - (208) 340-5725

Nail trim-only appointments available for $25 per pet depending on your location, and are INCLUDED  with any grooming service



Xtra Small 

(10 pounds or less)

$65 - full groom

$45 - Bath and nails only


(11-25 pounds )

$75- Full groom

$65 - Bath and nails only 


(26 - 40 pounds)

$85 - Full groom 

$70 - bath and nails only 


41-55 pounds 

$95 - Full groom 

$80 - bath and nails only


Matted Shave-Down/Start-Fresh grooming  services starting at $85 

First Appointment Prep:

Thank you for using Pawsh Pup House-Call Grooming! Please take a moment to read the following so that we can have a great first appointment! 

*Bathing can be done in your bathtub or utility sink. I only require a small space for drying and grooming, generally the garage, large bathroom, utility or laundry room works, but if you're getting a de-shed treatment on a larger dog, outdoors in a shady area is best. 

*Please make sure to potty your dog before I arrive. If our appointment is within 2 hours of feeding time, please wait until after the appointment to feed. I'm a very gentle groomer, but accidednts can sometimes happen when they're nervous.

*I never muzzle or restrain dogs in a way that over-stresses them, please understand nail trimming and dremmel is always done UNLESS your dog acts aggressively (growling, snapping or showing teeth)  toward my hand or equiptment. I'm a one-woman show and I do my best but I cannot risk your dogs well-being OR being bitten. 

*I do offer latch-key appointments, but for the first 2 appointments someone needs to be home at arrival time

*please understand i work with dogs, if someone is having an off-day it may take longer than usual. i do my very best to be there within 15 minutes of your scheduled time but there are times when im behind. I will always respect your time and communicate with you if im going to be late. 

I'm looking forward to meeting you and your dog and hope that you like my work and invite me for a return-visit!